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Mixed Veg, Salad & Fruit Box - 15 Varieties

Mixed Veg, Salad & Fruit Box - 15 Varieties

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Changing from week to week, this colourful box contains the best seasonal veg from neighbouring farms across Yorkshire. This box is packed with a changing selection of 5 locally grown veg, 5 salad varieties and 5 fruit varieties, rotating throughout the year in line with the seasons. Always from carefully selected suppliers. 

To find out what's coming up in our boxes click here. Contents may vary according to availability but we will always endeavour to replace with suitable, seasonal alternatives.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Sarah Fountain

Great variety - good fresh fruit and veg and a friendly delivery!

Great selection fresh produce

Fab mixed box fruit and veg all fresh and tasty

Kate O'Leary

I've been getting differing boxes over the past few months and have finally settled on this one.
Service: Always very friendly, helpful and reliable.
Produce: great variety, always very fresh. I find , if stored properly, that it lasts a lot longer than supermarket produce. It tastes great and I love the surprise of not knowing what I'm going to get (I never look beforehand, though you can) and the excitement of what I'm going to cook. It has definitely increased variety in our diet and I've come across some vegetables I've never had before. You always get some stables such as potatoes. You don't get onions (you do get leeks, spring onions) but it's easy to order these as an add on to the box.
Eco: I love the new reusable boxes and can even fold them though it's much more fun to watch my husband try to wrestle with them! I also love that most things are from very local farms. I have much less waste than I used to also.

jo woodhead
Rather disappointing

A good range of fruit and vegetables. However by Sunday several items were looking rather sad and definitely past their best.

I Wise
Very happy customer

This is our 2nd time ordering this box. Packed full of delicious goodies. We find ourselves making healthier choices - 7 year old too because there were fruits we don't usually get from the supermarket. I like the element of surprise as I love to cook and try new things. There was even a vegetable in that I had no clue what it was so I messaged them on Instagram and they got back to me really quickly - kalettes apparently - and even suggested how to cook it!