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Regular Veg Box - 8 Varieties

Fresh Farm Deliveries
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Changing from week to week, this colourful box contains the best seasonal veg from neighbouring farms across Yorkshire. This box is packed with a changing selection of 8 locally grown veg, rotating throughout the year in line with the seasonal veg that grows in Britain, which means you'll be truly eating with the seasons.

To find out what's coming up in our boxes click here. Contents may vary according to availability but we will always endeavour to replace with suitable, seasonal alternatives.

Delivery is free for orders over £20 and for information on when to expect your delivery please click here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 181 reviews
Helena Knight
Regular veg box

Always fresh and good variety , I love finding new recipes to make the best from everything and nothing is ever wasted!! Keep up the good work!! 👍🏼

Sue Benson
Farm Fresh Veggies

Good selection of fresh vegetables- some everyday essentials, plus some more unusual items like rainbow chard. Lovely

Susan Bladon
Regular Veg Box

A great variety of good quality seasonal fresh veg, delivered with a smile. Thank you!

Liz Stewart
Loved it.

Really fresh and tasty thank you and merry Christmas.
A cabbage would be great in my next order please x

Local and super fresh

Two thirds of my diet is veg, so knowing it's local, grown well and responsibly, and handled with care really adds to the value of these boxes.
If you're trying to eat indigenous and seasonable then this is perfect.
They're very good portions, and often a cabbage or squash will spill over into the next week or I can freeze it.
The quality is so good there's little to peel and few discarded leaves, though any I do discard go on the compost heap.
I can give the box they come in back, so no waste there, and it's plastic-free.